Photoshoot with Evan Duncan at my studio

I love drawing and painting on wood. The drawing is always the base for any of my paintings. It's important to respect all of the preliminary work that I do but I think it's also important to let some of those ideas go and allow the painting to evolve into something different. Instead of comparing my initial drawing to the painting I can be free from those constraints and let it be its own thing. Check out this video by Evan Duncan during a studio visit and also some links to his work!


Encaustic Painting

I usually start out sketching on my IPad Pro and Apple Pencil using the procreate app. Then I project the drawing onto a wood panel. After that I choose a midtone base followed by a layer of beeswax. Then I build up from there in layer of wax mixed with oil paint. During this I have to fuse the layers together with a heat gun to make sure they stick together. The process also can be reductive by scraping away the excess layers. Another cool thing about encaustic painting is that you can do encaustic transfers of images and other text like you see in fourth step.


Lemmy process

Hey Everyone! This is a little closeup of my process when it comes to most of my drawings. I start out with a thumbnail sketch so I am not focusing on details but the likeness and exaggeration. Then I scan it and take it to my Ipad Pro. I could finish the whole drawing here and render it all in the procreate app, but I really want to create a one of a kind piece so I project the drawing onto some paper adhered to panel. The final is a mix of ink and graphite.